Carly Purdy – newly appointed Director of Admissions and Placement Services for the Greater Michigan Construction Academy.

The Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) welcomes new staff member Carly Purdy to the roll of Admissions and Placement Services Director.  Carly will be working out of the Midland area office and is looking forward to working with our Training Partners as well as our students as they continue their education in the trades.

Carly will be responsible for the admissions process for our apprentices as well as be a resource for those students who are looking for employment. “We are excited about the experience Carly brings to GMCA.  Her role will continue to build the caliber and quality of GMCA.” says Stephanie Davis, current Vice President of GMCA. 

As a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, Carly brings 13 years of office experience.  Her excellent administrative and communication skills, plus her willingness to learn and grow will help The Greater Michigan Construction Academy advance to the next level.

We are happy to have Carly as part of the GMCA family.

GMCA’s Mission is to train and develop a highly skilled, safe workforce and promote construction trades as a career choice. For more information contact us at 855.832.8879 or