Military and Veterans

Building Trades Training For Veterans

We are a military friendly school! Greater Michigan Construction Academy is committed to helping returning military transition into rewarding, high-wage construction careers through its program of training and assessments.

Receive credit for your military training!

If you have construction related experience from your time in the military, you can apply that training directly to propel you on your path toward becoming a journey-level craft professional.

We offer job placement!

GMCA offers job placement assistance for those are looking for work in their related training field.

What’s your next step?

  1. Call us at 855-832-8879 with any questions you might have.
  2. We encourage you to come take a tour of GMCA! Visit our labs, classrooms, and learn more about the training we offer.
  3. Submit an enrollment form (online, mail, or in person).
  4. Verify if you are eligible to receive credit for your military training.
  5. New students attend a free mandatory drug screening at GMCA.  You will be notified if you did not pass.
  6. An invoice will be emailed to you within two weeks. The invoice must be paid in full before the first night of class.  Payments may be made on our website, over the phone, and at the office. We accept VA benefits.
  7. If you choose to use your VA benefits, you must inform Staci Lombardo (contact info above) prior to the first night of class. The VA has a deadline that must be met and benefits cannot be applied for after the deadline has passed.
  8. On the first night of class please arrive 15 minutes early for book pickup.  Please bring a pen and wear closed-toed shoes.

Military/Veteran Policy

Students who are currently serving in the military or are veterans interested in using their benefits, must work with the VA coordinator to ensure that all information is turned in by the deadlines set forth by the VA and GMCA.  If you have Military Educational Benefits and plan to use them at GMCA, please provide a copy of your DD-214.  If you are currently active duty, a copy of your military ID card or your most recent LES will be sufficient.  The VA coordinator also has information and support for veterans who are unsure of what benefits they are eligible for.  Additionally, if a veteran chooses to use their Ch31, or Ch33 benefits, GMCA will work with the student (for up to 90 days after certification of enrollment) to ensure that no penalties are incurred by the student from GMCA while waiting for payment by the VA.

Additional resources

Skilled Trades training has benefited me by opening up opportunities at different companies that wouldn’t even take a second look if I hadn’t had a formal, post-secondary education. It gives me a leg up on anyone who just has a high school diploma.
Adam Emery, Pipefitter & Millwright, GMCA Alumni

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