Why Skilled Trades?

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With more than 7.2 million employees nationwide, industrial and commercial construction has long been one of the nation’s largest industries. But today, construction company owners across the nation are facing a growing shortage of tradesmen such as pipefitters, steel workers, electricians and carpenters.

When you learn a construction trade, the industry’s big problem can become your big break.  The skills of construction tradesmen are in high demand, and the number of construction jobs is expected to rise to 7.5 million by 2026.

Fact: America’s average weekly earnings: $914 for commercial construction tradesmen, $608 for everyone else.

Fact: $47,170 = Average annual salary for nonresidential building construction nationwide.

Fact: 20+ years: That’s how long it will take 39% of college grads to pay off their student loans.

Did you know? For every four people who leave the trades, only one new person is supplied by apprenticeship programs to enter the trades.

Fact: The construction industry needs about 240,000 employees just to keep up with the demand for new roads, buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, power plants, and housing.

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Why Choose GMCA?

We have instructors with real-world experience.
We don’t just hire any instructor. GMCA instructors have years of experience in their field of training. Some have over 25 years in practicing their trade and occupation. Many work with the students in the field, to help them learn on the job. So you get the benefit of real-world knowledge and gain the kind of practical insights that can’t be learned from a textbook. 

We give you practical hands-on career training.
We think it’s important to practice what you’re learning. That’s why we incorporate hands-on training into all our programs. You’ll learn better and quicker by doing the work than you will just sitting in a lecture room. 

We provide assessment testing…
Assessment testing can be used to evaluate journey-level knowledge and skills of experienced craft professionals, pre–and-post-employment purposes, and to provide a training prescription for a craft worker. In other words, If you’ve been working in your field and are deciding to go back to school to get certified we have the ability to test you and see where you need to be. 

With NCCER certification you can work anywhere.
GMCA Craft Training is certified by NCCER. If a student leaves the area, the education is transferable, portable, and recognized throughout the nation. Our training is also recognized by the Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship Training (DOL/OA). Opportunities for craft specific apprenticeships are available. 

Employers recognize the quality of our graduates.
Employers hire GMCA trained employees because they recognize the quality of training we provide. They understand that our graduates have the kind of career training it takes to succeed in their chosen profession.

Guide To Careers In Construction

Download the GMCA Guide to Careers in Construction iBook to your Apple device today and learn how skilled trades training leads to SUCCESS! 

Skilled Trades training has benefited me by opening up opportunities at different companies that wouldn’t even take a second look if I hadn’t had a formal, post-secondary education. It gives me a leg up on anyone who just has a high school diploma.
Adam Emery, Pipefitter & Millwright, GMCA Alumni

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