Greater Michigan Construction Academy / Saginaw County Schools fall registration deadline approaching for high school students.

Midland, Michigan, July 2016 – A new collaboration between Saginaw County Schools and The Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) will begin for the 2016-17 school year, providing interested district students an early start on apprenticeships into skilled trades. “We will focus on the Electrical trade in 2016-17 and look to add additional trades in future years.” Says GMCA, Vice President, Stephanie Davis.

GMCA has been offering the program in the Midland school district for two years with great success. “We are excited to be able to offer this type of training in Saginaw, not only as a classroom environment, but also as a hands-on training opportunity for a variety of trades.” says Davis.  Those entering the program as juniors will earn 2 years of the required 4 year equivalency to become an apprentice in selected skilled trade careers by the time they graduate as seniors. The best part is there is NO cost to the student!

Students will convene at Mackinaw High School, Monday through Friday for two class hours of their regular school day (1-3pm) receiving instruction and hands-on training in various disciplines related to skilled trades. As the students move through the skilled trades content, they will receive certification of each level completed through NCCER. No additional cost will be required from the students to participate.

“There is opportunity for students who want this type of work. The jobs are there – the employers definitely need skilled workers. Through this program, students will get a head start on obtaining the skills they need to begin their careers.”  Students who complete the program will have the opportunity to continue their training through GMCA for full certification credentials. Ms. Davis said that demand is so great for young workers to enter skilled trades, some employers will pay to have workers finish their training, as long as they agree to work for them for a period of time.

For more information contact Bridget Sadenwater, Director of Education, at (989) 832-8879,


GMCA’s mission is to Educate thru collaboration of the Construction Industry. Our Membership, Employees, and Communities; to develop Professional Workplace
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