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    The following voluntary information is required for use in apprenticeship statistical reporting, as requested by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, and may not be otherwise disclosed without the express permission of the person applying.

    (Privacy Act of 1974-P.L.93-579)

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    GMCA CRAFT TRAINING (with total clock hours): GMCA Full Course Catalog available upon request or online at www.gmcami.org

    Carpentry (576)Electrical (576)HVAC (576)Insulating (432)Instrumentation (576)Ironworking (432)IMM (576)Millwright (720)Pipefitting (576)Plumbing (576)Sheet Metal (576)

    PAYMENT POLICY (per semester): Further price breakdown below

    Tuition (book and lab fees are additional):

    • $1700/semester

    Book and Lab Fees:

    • Book Fee will vary per trade: $70-$265

    • Lab Fee will vary per trade: $25-$200


    Core: $27.50

    Carpentry 1: $104.50 | Carpentry 2: $104.50 | Carpentry 3: $104.50 | Carpentry 4: $104.50

    Electrical 1: $66 | Electrical 2: $66 | Electrical 3: $66 | Electrical 4: $66

    Ironworking 1: $77 | Ironworking: $77 | Ironworking: $77

    IMM 1: $88 | IMM 2: $88 | IMM 3: $88 | IMM 4: $88

    HVAC 1: $165 | HVAC 2: $165 | HVAC 3: $165 | HVAC 4: $165

    Pipefitting 1: $121 | Pipefitting 2: $121 | Pipefitting 3: $121 | Pipefitting 4: $121

    Plumbing 1: $132 | Plumbing 2: $132 | Plumbing 3: $132 | Plumbing 4: $132

    Sheet Metal 1: $187 | Sheet Metal 2: $187 | Sheet Metal 3: $187 | Sheet Metal 4: $187

    Payment Policy:

    • Tuition and fees are due before the first of class

    • You will receive an invoice via email once GMCA processes your enrollment form

    • We accept check, credit card, and money order. You can also securely make a payment on our website.


    Note: All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school (GMCA). Tuition refunds shall be issued within 45 days from student’s documented date of determination

    Tuition/book refunds will be issued for students who withdraw from the program on the following basis:

    Student drops before the first week of class – will receive a 100% refund.

    No show students – 100% refund at request.

    After the first week and through 50% of the period of financial obligation, tuition charges retained will not exceed a prorated portion of tuition or the period of training that was not complete.

    Students who drop during the first week of class, tuition charges withheld will be 6 percent (6%) of tuition.

    After 9 weeks (50%) of the class period financial obligation is completed, the institution may retain the full tuition.

    GMCA will withhold ten percent (10%) of the unearned tuition for the period of training that was not completed to cover administrative costs. This amount will not exceed $1000 and is applicable only to students after the first week of class and through 50% of the period of financial obligation.

    Placement Assistance:

    Job placement assistance is available up on request. Student must provide resume. Placement is not guaranteed.


    By signing this document you are verifying that you have read, understood and received a copy of this agreement as well as the GMCA course catalog. You are also in agreement that this is a legal and binding contract.

    I hereby authorize GMCA to release my personal information to the NCCER registry database.

    I hereby authorize NCCER to verify information in my training and/or assessment records, which may include any of the personal information provided on this form. I release and hold harmless NCCER for the disclosure of any such information in connection with this verification process.

    Skilled Trades training has benefited me by opening up opportunities at different companies that wouldn’t even take a second look if I hadn’t had a formal, post-secondary education. It gives me a leg up on anyone who just has a high school diploma.
    Adam Emery, Pipefitter & Millwright, GMCA Alumni

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