Apply to be an Instructor

    Did you complete craft training through GMCA or ABC’s Construction Academy?


    Have you ever taught before?


    Acknowledgements (please read the following paragraphs below), then sign and date if applicable.

    • As part of my instructional requirements, I understand that I must be a “certified instructor” through Greater Michigan Construction Academy to teach the NCCER curricula. I will be required to attend the NCCER Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP).

    • If employed, I will supply Greater Michigan Construction Academy with a copy of any degrees, certifications, licenses, or other credentials held which will demonstrate my abilities to teach in this program.

    Skilled Trades training has benefited me by opening up opportunities at different companies that wouldn’t even take a second look if I hadn’t had a formal, post-secondary education. It gives me a leg up on anyone who just has a high school diploma.
    Adam Emery, Pipefitter & Millwright, GMCA Alumni